Last night I had a crazy and somewhat alarming dream. I was looking North (not sure on location possibly here in Utah County).

It was night and I saw tens if not hundreds of rockets or missiles launching up into the sky. There were so many launched it almost looked like a firework show but they did not "report" or explode. They continued up into the atmosphere.

It seems like I did also hear one explosion.

Shortly there after the Electrical Power went out.

A little later it was light maybe a day after. There was no food in the super markets. There were soup kitchen's set up the next day or so for people with no food. The power was still out. We were trying to decide if there was anything that we could do at all for my job but pretty much all of society had stopped including my job as I remember talking to my workmates trying to decide if there was anything we could do when all the computer systems were down. I remember sitting in the quiet with friends and family discussing the situation.