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February 2nd, 2009


Dream by Billy B posted in Disaster, Politics, Future dream

Friday Jan 30, 2009
I've had a couple of dreams about Obama, even before he was elected. This one I will share in hopes that people will either pray or someone can interpret it as just a nightmare and nothing more. I always been positive that he (President Obama) will be OK and protected. Most people was afraid for him but I know he has a destiny to fullfill. I've been 100% with him from day one and told everybody i know. This man will be our next President. But last night. I dreamed this and it seem so real I woke up asking myself did this really happen.

the dream

Scene 1. I saw Joe Biden driving a herse Or black limo. He was driving to the funeral. Obama was dead.
Scene 2. I saw Obama shaking hands in a cheering crowd and then I saw him get shot in the back.
Scene 3. I saw an tv interview or a video recorded film of the two guys that did it. Only one guy I could see the face. He did not shoot. He was a skin head cuz his hair was cut very low and was just starting to grow back. He had a round face. He was young. He said this (like he was bragging) "with a single bullet to the head we kill Barack Obama." Then as if the camera was going to swing over to the other person that actually did the shooting the dream was over. So I couldn't see him. But there was two that planned it I guess. Both was sitting down at a table and I saw it as if they was being interviewed.

In the dream I was speechless and was thinking this couldn't have happen. I mean I had such high hopes...and now it's over...It was a sad mood.

Now I will be honest. This dream could have been inspired by two things. I had a little scotch late lastnight and I watch the death of superman animated movie. So I won't put too much thought into the dream. I just wanted to share it and get some feedback. Should I tell this to more people? Etc. I mean how many people actually dream of an assassination? Truly you might fear it and think it could happen but to dream it in such detail like you was watching it on TV... What do you think Honestly?

thank you for your time.

November 12th, 2008

Green Paper Pig

Dream by Dream_digger posted in Politics, Future dream

I was researching different NRM publications and I came across the writings of David Berg who seemed to have been a prolific dreamer. Here is an interesting dream published June 23, 1973 which I found amazingly psychic considering what's happening in the financial world today.

the dream

(In [June 23, 1973] the following dream was recorded:) It was summer in the Mideast, and we were fleeing through this canyon or wadi where a stream flowed (I know now it was the Jordan River), toward some kind of sea or lake like the Dead Sea (which I know now it was) where we were to get on some boats to escape across to the other side. But then as a last resort, someone unleashed on us this big imaginary monster-a gigantic Green Pig-and he was huge, … like one of these mammoth monster-like parade balloons, and if you believed he existed he could destroy you!

He was charging down the Jordan Valley, trampling on some people and devouring others, when I shouted at them: "He doesn't really exist! It's just in your mind! You must rebuke him and he'll go away!" So some of us turned as we were boarding the boats to leave, and just as he caught up with us I yelled again, "He doesn't exist! It's a matter of whether you believe it or not! It's only your faith in him that he exists that makes him real! Rebuke him in Jesus' name and he'll flee!" And the minute we turned and faced him and challenged him and rebuked him in Jesus' name, he vanished just like that! He was like the ultimate weapon, their last resort, to release this monstrous Green Pig!

Afterward I was lying here thinking: "What is this funny dream! What does this strange dream mean, Lord?" Then I thought, "What is like a pig? Is it a nation? But what nation is like a pig? America? But why is he green?" And then the answer came just as clear as anything: He's the American dollar! The ultimate weapon in the Mideast is the American dollar, and if you believe in it, it will destroy you! But if you know it doesn't really exist, it vanishes!
So the ultimate weapon is the … American dollar, or American "greenback," as they call it! Somehow they're using it against the rest of the world.
The Green Pig gobbles everybody up that believes in it, and tramples everybody in the mud that thinks it exists! But for those who know it's just a monster of imagination, it vanishes!

I was trying to figure out where all this was, and it came to me that the place where I saw the decision made to release the Green Pig was Jerusalem.
Someone is manipulating the dollar and using it as a weapon-the Green Pig-to try to destroy their enemies. And if you believe in it, it will destroy you, but if you refuse to believe that it even exists, it completely evaporates and vanishes! It has no power over you at all. It is the moneymakers' monster, and the Green Pig is just a tool in their hands.

It's like this Green Pig is the god of America; it is America's idol that they worship. It is not even as good as the golden calf, because it doesn't even exist! But they worship it and they created it, and the moneymakers helped them to create it. But it is they that tell it which way to go. It is they who unleash it against their enemies, and it is they who control it, and they either harness it and support it, or they unleash it and send it charging against their enemies to devour them!
The moneymakers are its high priests and its priesthood, and it was created in their temples and they control it and they manipulate it as they will to their own advantage against their enemies.

So you and all the world must beware of the dollar! It is a moneymaker's creation-a Green Pig! It'll devour you and trample you to death in the mud and the mire if you believe in it and put your faith in it, if you trust in it! Because, whichever way it moves, it moves at their behest, at their direction, because they created it and they control it. … It was their creation, their monster, and it is the figment of their imagination, but they use it to their own advantage. But if you'll reject it and refuse to believe in it, and you rebuke it in God's name, it vanishes and cannot even touch you!

Beware of the Green Pig which the moneymakers have unleashed upon the world!"
In ancient times, the medium of exchange was almost always precious metals such as gold, silver, nickel, brass or copper, etc., mined and minted into coins by the various governments, with the imprint of those governments and their rulers and the designation of the coin's value according to what the government said it was worth.
As a government became more and more decadent and corrupt and dishonest, its money became more dishonest, until the people found that the coins were no longer being made of pure gold and silver but filled with other less valuable metals: The gold coins became more brass and copper than gold, and the silver coins became more nickel, zinc or lead, etc.

Paper money is a fairly new thing in world history, which our clever capitalistic governments quickly latched on to as a much more convenient means of exchange than actual metal coins, and a far easier and cheaper way to manufacture worthless money and cheat the people! The people were then persuaded to accept these paper bills because they were far more convenient to carry around, of course, than lugging around bags of gold or silver or copper coins! As long as the people were told by the government that the government would be ready and willing to exchange the paper thing for the real thing at any time they desired to do so, or, in other words, the paper currency for its printed designated worth in actual gold or silver coinage, real value, the people were persuaded to accept this paper substitute for the actually valuable metal coins.

But of course, this also made it very convenient for governments to manipulate or change the value of their exchange to their own advantage, which usually means the advantage of the rich and the powerful. As modern governments also became more corrupt, decadent and deceitful, they too began to pollute their paper money and actually devalue it by being no longer willing to exchange it for either gold or silver, or anything else of actual value, for that matter.
Nevertheless, … the world has continued to drift dreamily along, still believing in the power and value of the American dollar, supposedly backed by the power, worth and word of the American government. … When actually the dollar is really worthless and without any intrinsic value whatsoever, with no backing or redeemability in coinage of actual value such as gold and silver!

But as the world began to wake up to what is going on, the dollar began going down! For a long time it continued to coast along, not only because it was considered worth what the Americans said it was worth, but because other governments of the world were also willing to support it with their word, saying that it was worth so much to them also in their own currencies. But now other governments too are losing faith in America and America's money because they're losing faith in Americans and American administrations, so that other governments of the world are no longer willing to support the dollar and say it is worth so much in their money and give you as much of their money in exchange for it as they used to. So as world faith in the dollar wanes, so wanes the dollar.

When the people's faith is gone, the Green Paper Pig will vanish with it, as they challenge its power and refuse to believe in its value and reject its worth and even deny its very existence! It is a purely imaginary monster which will disappear without an "oink" when the day comes that you lose faith in it and you question, challenge and defy the phony paper power of the Green Paper Pig, the once almighty American dollar! And the American greenback will vanish from the world scene like the Green Paper Pig in my dream!

But what is going to take its place? What will replace this Green Paper Pig which has so long been the recent world's means of monetary exchange, and upon which their own currency systems have been based?
The time will come when money is no longer used as a medium of exchange, … and the people of the world will be ruled by a one-world government who will control them by the material power it wields and its control of goods and services, and not a Green Paper Pig!

The money medium of exchange will be replaced by a very remarkable system in which every person in the world who belongs to the system will bear a number, without which he can neither buy nor sell, and by which he is accredited in his governmental account with the value of whatever goods or services he produces, and to which he can charge the goods and services that he himself needs.
So he will no longer buy nor sell with money as a means of exchange, but with a number which will be given him permanently, without any possibility of counterfeit, change, or manipulation nor forgery: "a mark in their right hand or in their foreheads, that no man might buy or sell save he that had the mark or the name of the Beast (the world leader and his government) or the number of his name ... for it is the number of a man!"

So says the Word of God in the Bible in the thirteenth chapter of the book of Revelation! Those who refuse to worship the Beast or accept his mark or number will be neither able to buy nor to sell, so we who worship God will suffer, be persecuted, and even slain! But our faith in God will save us, and after three-and-a-half years of this awful time of the Great Tribulation under the Beast's new economic and religious system, Christ will come and rescue us and destroy the Antichrist government of the world and set up His Own Kingdom here on Earth, where the real values will no longer be temporal, but eternal ones: Truth, love, joy and peace, in a world without money and without marks, and without the bestial governments, wars, cruelty and lies of man, but with truth and love and peace and plenty for all!

--David Berg (1919-1994)

This witting is based on 3 lucid dream visions from the late 1990s

the dream

The Mark of the Antichrist

Russian Leaders and the Final Russian Antichrist (Vladimir Putin) will blame the US for the near-future world economic crisis. This will be one of Russia's international justifications for going to war with the US alone (no EU attack, only on the US). Soon the US financial crisis will really hit the world economy severe enough to make Russia and China think they can create a new global economic system. The new Russian/Chinese economic system is the Mark of the Antichrist.

When Russia and China invade the US, they will be called "peace keepers", but they will be vicious, sadistic, and ruthless. They will take Americans and offer them "freedom" and "help" and "money" and "wealth for all" and "a new life".

To accept, one must agree to take a microchip implant in the right hand. In that chip will be ID, medical coverage/records, criminal history/records, and financial history/records. Also in those microchip implants will be $100,000 to help you start your new life.

To deny the mark does not mean freedom, it means military camp imprisonment. There, people will be forced to take a retinal eye scans for imprisonment camp IDs or die. Many Christians (and non-Christians too) will reject the $100,000 microchip implants and be shipped to temporary internment camps. There, many people will refuse the retinal eye scans too and those people will be beaten, tortured, killed, or worse.

The world will see video images of "happy" and "free" Americans with $100,000 implants, now saved by Russia and China. Europe will soon willfully agree and follow this new economic system, the last continent to do so. When Europe joins Russia and China economically, the final Antichrist will have full control over the entire world, all seven continents. No one in the world will know or see the US prison camp horrors.

Only Americans will hate the Antichrist. The rest of the world will come to praise the Antichrist once he has all seven horns (continents) on his head. He will not only claim to be God, he will show the world his godly dominion and control over earth and her people by destroying Israel, God's Holy Land and His original Chosen People. Only then will the rest of the world finally see the hideously evil monster that always was the Russian Antichrist.

The Mark of the Antichrist is what will turn World War Three into a Christian Holocaust, but the final Battle of Armageddon will be when Israel is destroyed through a Russian/Chinese nuclear attack, as ordered by the Final Russian Antichrist.

Both Russia and China have been planning this for years. They will help to create this near-future world economic crisis so to blame the United States of America.

The US economy is going to get worse very fast. People with money better pull out, consolidate, relocate and stock-up NOW. There will not be many more financial warnings before US Natural Disasters wreak havoc on the remaining US economy.

Leon S. L.

September 22nd, 2008


Dream by ws34nipissing posted in Disaster, Future dream

i dream this last weekend sept 20,2008

the dream

i was in a house and there was an earthquake, it did a lot of damage and i remember being under a hallway and reaching up and lifting down a broken archway from three areas.
i went downstairs into the basement and i remember feeling like i needed to turn off the gas and the water because the whole room was collasping and it might cause an explosion. it happened in north america, that i'm sure of, could be in the next few months...

September 15th, 2008

"Death of my mom?"

I had this dream on the morning of September 15, 2008

the dream

While I was having an odd dream about a group of elderly, cancer victims sitting at a picnic table eating lunch, there was a strange interruption in the dream. Right in the middle of my dream I heard my youngest daughter (18 yrs old) ask, very loud and clear, "Where is Chris?" (Chris is my boyfriend) I answered "Right here", and then she said, very loud and clear, "Your mom died in the hospital." and her voice was so loud and clear, as if she were right in my room, that it made me jump awake. She isn't even home right now. I can't shake this odd feeling that it was some sort of a warning, but I don't know exactly of what? My mom is going to die in a hospital? Or maybe since she asked where Chris was, his mom is going to die? It's really making me feel creeped out for some reason. This dream was not a "normal" dream.

August 27th, 2008

Daddy's Death?

Today I had this weird dream. I dreamed of myself moving, my dad visiting me and telling me he was dead or going to die soon.

the dream

I was living somewhere with some unknown buddies. My dad would come and visit me sometimes. Once a roomie told me my dad was out there waiting for me. I got to the other room where he was sit on stairs. I noticed that my dad was curiously serious. So I thought someone might have died. And he said: "I died". And I answered: "No way (you are here). Maybe you are going to die soon". And stared at me as if it were true.

Then I woke up.

August 19th, 2008

flooding in japan

Dream by ws34nipissing posted in Disaster, Future dream

I dreamt this about 2 weeks ago, around the beginning of August, 2008.

the dream

I was in Japan, I was a tourist and was shopping in a town near a river, I was walking down a narrow street and there was neon signs on my right and some clubs on the left, I walked by a store which had been burned down and then noticed I could get into it and found some old books, then some people in blue clothes walked out and a guy asked how I got in and I said, the door was open and he said, yeah that happens sometimes, I went into a small office and on the second floor I looked out a window and saw a flooded river and there was some cars floating around in it and I thought, either there was a flood or a tidal wave. Then I went out to shop and I was looking for things to buy which were made in Japan and I walked into a store and this English guy tired to pick me up and was trying to show me things to buy, he recommended some chocolate in dark blue foil but when I looked more closely it was made in mexico, then I looked at some robes and thought the price would be the same in canada, anyway I went to the cash and the cashier spoke japanese to me and I couldn't find find my purse, I went find it and when I came back the English guy had explained that I could not speak Japanese and she looked at me and said "hello!".

August 19th, 2008

death by water

dream last year of august first disaster

the dream

I know it's too late now, but last year in the spring I had a dream about a flood in a city and when I asked someone in the dream about what was happening they said, " august 1st, death by water" I woke up and months later, the bridge gave out in I think it was Minnesota on August 1st. It's the only dream I could actually ask somebody and get such detailed information.

August 19th, 2008

fire in hospital

Dream by ws34nipissing posted in Disaster, Future dream

dreamt last night, august 18th, 2008

the dream

Last night I dreamt that I went into a hospital and filled out a patient form, for some reason the staff thought I was FBI and they treated me differently. I went from 1 line at a desk to another line and then I noticed that there was a dark part of the hospital which had been burned and was shut-down, then I noticed some flames around some parked trucks outside, I went into 1 of the rooms and waited even though I knew I would not stay to be treated for anything in particular. There was a part near the end but I forgot it now. Hmmmmm....

August 14th, 2008

The Zombie Lord

Dream by Alex posted in One of my scariest

This is a nightmare in which, as if of a genre, has the form of a narrative in which I must witness the goings-on of horrible events, which are either narrated by a third party or a participant, usually in a non-embedded tone. This time the narrater is the protagonist, what I call a "zombie lord".

the dream

In this dream it begins as a narrative. I see a scene of a sloping portion of undeveloped land lot in an urban setting, near an abandoned strip mall. The only activity seen at first is the view of a rather normal looking, if a bit "Bishop"-from-Aliens sort of man, dressed in a white dress shirt with rolled sleeves and simple black slacks and having an accountant's parted hairstyle, sitting leaning back in a hollow in the ground behind a thick, long dead but still standing tree. He muses, as a thought we can hear, of how he likes to develop a personal relationship with his food (ala a character's comment in the movie "Hostel").

The view pans up the slope, which is mostly dirt with areas of grassiness, toward a copse of trees similarly delapidated as the one behind/under which our protagonist dwells currently. As if within earshot to the former, three ladies are listening to loudish music from a radio that seems to be (impossibly) plugged in somewhere, and which seems to be properly from the early '80s using D batteries with a cassette player. They talk about this and that sort of gobblygook, and they tra-la-la down the slope to the abandoned strip mall to do whatever sorts of sorority-type things they plan to do there (incongruous, I know, but that's what happened)

Then something happens.

A vision ensues, with the visage of the man transforming in collage along with the the image of a female trapped in a room with him, she reacting with horror to the transformation, which is ghastly. His eyes begin to glow a yellowish orange as his skin takes a pallid and chalky tone with greenish blue highlights. His supernatural aura grows daunting and nightmarish as his voice takes on a draconian aspect when he says to her in a baleful yet strangely placid voice, "You shouldn't drink so much, it not good for your brains, especially when I am smacking them UP." The view shifts to a scene of our zombie lord with greatly disfigured visage distored like something out a certain '80s video from Genesis, his mouth as wide as and shaped in the circumference of a cantelope, taut and suctioning as it lifts from the evacuated head of the girl, strands of baige goo still joining the orifice to its freshly explored meal.

His inner hunger seems to light up now, as his feast properly begins. Scenes emerge and recede to each other of him jaunty and jubilant, cooking and preparing various bodily parts and organs in the near darkness of the place, with a dim light seeming to come from a quiet fire somewhere nearby as his hand busily moves the tissues about on fine ceramic plates, using some glinting metal instrument with a sort of chef-like gaity. The screams of the others visit us as his trapping them one by one is implied. Yet an ominous scene arises where two of the three girls are dramatically altered, with an appearance of having been transformed into some sort of quasi-zombie underlings themselves as they join him in the feasting, no doubt partly consisting of their own bodies.

As if the denoument, the zombie lord explains in transcendent narrative as our view recede from that horrible place, that his several-thousand year existence has been thusly nourished, and he takes great satisfaction in his long tradition of such conquests, having now raised his exploits to the level of an artform.

The dream, or rather nightmare, thankfully ends at that point, but not without making me wonder just WHERE IN HELL such visions come from, such visions which seem as independent of the mind which they visit as our waking experiences seem.

I ponder the strange cruelty of my dream, and of similarly cruel dreams from months and years ago in my past, which seem thankfully few and far between, but unfortunately come unbidden and by surpise even to this day.

I had this dream on 11 Jul 2008. It had something to do with California brushfires. The dream came true the very next day (12 Jul 2008), when my sister's apartment building was destroyed by a fire.

the dream

On 11 Jul 2008, I had a dream that consisted of 4 scenes, and each dream scene was associated with 2 words. Three of the scenes were related to each other, and were symbolically about an alien abduction. But one scene was unrelated to the other scenes, and simply consisted of an image and 2 words. The image was lifted out of a news story that I saw the night before, about the brushfires in California. In that news story, they showed an inset map of California in white, and inside of the map, the areas affected by brushfires was shown in green, surrounded by little fire symbols. My dream showed the same map of California, but the affected area was shown in purple instead of green. This map dream scene was associated with the words 'threat' and 'fear' (which were heard but not seen).

When I awoke, I wondered how this dream could be precognitive, since California brushfires had been in the news for several weeks. I recorded what I could recall of the dream, but I assumed that it meant nothing. Then about 18 hours after having this dream, my sister's apartment building was consumed by an accidental fire! Fortunately there were no injuries, but my sister lost everything that she owned (so sad!). This was not her first close brush with fire, and here is the connection to my dream: 20 years earlier, when she was living in Santa Barbara, she nearly lost her home to a California brushfire!

I wish that I could have warned my sister of the very real danger she was in, but the dream just didn't provide enough clues for me to guess what was about to happen. I feel so bad for her!

I had this dream on 10 Jun 2008, about a storm that threatened some kids who were wearing tan uniforms, while they stood next to a one-story house in a park. This dream came true the very next day (on 11 Jun 2008), when a tornado tore apart a stone bunkhouse at a Boys Scout camp in Iowa, killing 4 scouts and injuring 48 others.

the dream

On the morning of 10 Jun 2008, I had a dream that I was with some school boys who were wearing tan uniforms that belonged to an organization. We were outdoors in an open field surrounded by trees, and we were standing next to a one-story structure that looked like a small house. I felt that everyone was anxiously waiting for the arrival of something, and the overall feeling of the dream was ominous.

I reached for the front door of the house, and at the same time I looked straight up and saw grey skies, along with a darker storm cloud that was descending toward me. In the dream, I thought the dark cloud was falling rain that would be reaching us within moments, and I heard the words "It's coming soon!" Then I took cover under a bed frame that (for some reason) was outdoors next to the house.

The bed frame had no mattress, so it wouldn't have given me much protection from rain. But this image of the bed frame led to another dream scene of a man who was asleep in his bed. Earlier the man had said something offensive about extraterrestrials, so some extraterrestrials came in the middle of the night and zapped him with a death ray as he was laying in his bed (very strange!). The man had begun to raise himself up on his elbows – then the death ray struck him, and he was instantly turned into a skeleton that fell back lifeless onto the mattress.

When I woke up from this curious dream, I immediately recorded what I could remember of it. There were parts of the dream that I couldn't recall, and I thought that so much of the dream was missing that I wouldn't be able to understand its meaning. But because of the storm clouds and the skeleton, I thought one possible meaning could be that a tornado might kill me soon in the night as I slept. I figured that if my time was up, there would be nothing I could do to change it, so I didn't give the strange dream much more thought.

The following day (11 Jun 2008) brought dangerously unstable weather, and my city was in a tornado caution area all day. At approximately 6:15 pm, the sky began to turn very dark and our tornado warning sirens wailed on and off for the next half-hour. The warning sirens are rarely used, and only go off when a tornado is thought to be near. Then at 6:35 pm, the television weatherman said that a funnel cloud was touching down in the city's center, which is the part of town where I live! Actually, although there was a wall cloud directly above us, it didn't form a tornado funnel here, and my location escaped serious damage.

But at that same time a tornado was touching down further north over a Boys Scout Camp in Iowa, and the storm there killed 4 young scouts and injured 48 others. All 4 fatalities and many of the injured had taken shelter in a stone cabin which was completely demolished by the tornado. The scene at the scout camp was a very close match to my dream: The park represented the camp, which was in a rural area near Little Sioux, Iowa. The kids wearing tan uniforms and belonging to an organization were boy scouts at the camp. The dark descending storm cloud was the EF-3 tornado that struck the camp. The one-story house was the stone cabin where the 4 young scouts died.

The reclining man that was killed in his bed seemed to represent me as the dreamer, and apparently was meant as a warning of grave danger for me. In the dream, I heard someone say that it was a question of "whether the man would be allowed to continue." The skeleton symbolizes the threat of death, which was literally hanging over me at the same time that it was taking 4 lives only 80 miles away. There is probably a reason why it was the sleeping man's death that was shown in my dream rather than that of the 4 young scouts, but the meaning of the alteration remains unclear to me.

So far as I recall, the camp's name (Little Sioux Scout Ranch) wasn't mentioned in my dream, so it wasn't possible for me to have warned the scout camp ahead of time. But because of tragic events like the tornado last week, I try to understand my dreams so that potential victims can be forewarned whenever possible. There just wasn't enough time to decipher the dream on this tragic occasion.