Emerging dream realities


Juhani Kääriäinen has a fascinating Kilodream project. It is both dream art and a personal dream research project involving a database of 1000 of Juhani's dreams. A small part of his Kilodream project was displayed at the IASD dream conference in Copenhagen (2004).

Research into precognition is one of the aims of the Kilodream project. Or perhaps, it isn't so much precognition, but dream fragments emerging in daytime reality. I asked Juhani about it, who had the following to say:

Kilodream contains several study paths but this is the most concrete at the moment. What is this? I have a hum but not words to tell. Hopefully I get time to collect my thoughts. Probably word - multiverse - has something to do with it.

For dreams with remarkable dream imagery Juhani creates a Dresoreta card. Dresoreta is an acronym standing for Dream Source Reality Target. The picture at the top right shows such a Dresoreta for a rhino enclosed by a set of lines. The description of the dream can be found in the original log entry, that in this case occurred at 9-Feb-1985. Here are a scan of that entry, and a translation supplied by Juhani:

Original description of the dream
I walked on the ice (lake) and understood that someone had killed an unborn rhino. Got that vision the illustration shows. Then the dream moved to my childhood home, outdoors and there a bounty hunter found the world's fastest snake. He did give 2 men to take care of it. I was near the toilet and hold the snake away by using a stick. It fell down and stayed behind me.

When a Dresoreta shows up in daytime reality, it is basically a déjà vu. The image for the rhino Dresoreta showed up twice, first as a rhino in a glass box, and later as an artist in a glass box. Juhani explains:

Photo of rhino
This picture shows a rhino being transported on a truck. This is one of the few déjà vu experiences which originated from the rhino dream (09-Feb-1985). As you see there was 5 year between the dream and one of the déjà vus. I read a Life magazine 21-Feb-1990 in the town library. Open the page and voila! The déjà vu feeling emerged! Writer is Richard Ross and pic shows a rhino from Field Museum of Natural History, 1987. You can go to the library and check old Life magazines. This should be a winter issue 1990.

Another box with somebody in it showed up later. This picture taken from the newspaper shows the Scots-born actress Tilda Swinton. As part of a conceptual-art exhibit in London, she slept eight hours a day in a glass box.

This pic comes from Time Magazine too! It is dated 18-Sep-1995, page 61. Library visit again. In fact Dresoreta took place 16th - yes- no time traveling but libraries get the magazines a few days before the stamped date. As you see it took over 10 years to get this déjà vu feeling based on the same dream. I have a system with categories and this was not as strong as the previous but strong enough for registering it.

Juhani says that he no longer adds new dreams to the Kilodream project, as there are more than enough to work with and he has only one lifetime. He does keep registering new Dresoretas.

Juhani Kääriäinen describes himself as a on-linear, random access man, an amateur dream researcher.

For more information: http://hem.passagen.se/antin/kilodream/settings/kidrepro.htm.