Global Dreaming News

August 2007

Harry Bosma thanks Electric Dreams for all that it has done for the online dream community.


Final issue of Electric Dreams

Electric Dreams, the magazine that published the Global Dreaming New, saw its final issue in August 2007. A quote from this final issue:

After fourteen years, I have decided to retire Electric Dreams. [...] Now what? I have some comments from current Electric Dreams staff and contributors listed below, then will include some historical information about Electric Dreams and the Dream Movement online. As always, there are resources listed for further exploration of dreaming in cyberspace and beyond. As a thanks to the hundreds of contributors, I have listed the articles that Janet Garrett has been (and will continue) extracting from past issues and archiving. It is a very impressive library of articles! Special thanks to the regular contributors, Lucy Gillis & Robert Waggoner, Jean Campbell, Linda Magallón, Stan Kulikowski II, David Jenkins, Victoria Quinton, Kat Peters-Midland, Phyllis Howing, and so, so many others. Thanks to Harry Bosma and all the past Global Dreaming News editors. - Richard Wilkerson

Richard Wilkerson's website hosts all the back issues at Browse the links on the right for archived news pages.