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June 2006

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- Dreaming with the Ancestors
- Dream Telepathy Contest
- Virtual Dreaming Art Gallery
- Update from the Precognition Games
- Dream Box

Physical world:
- Dream Meetup Groups
- Berkeley: the Dream Institute
- Berkeley: Marcia Emery's Dream Salon
- San Francisco: Conscious Dreaming group
- USA and UK: Robert Moss
- USA: Jeremy Taylor

Books, movies, research:
- More about the DreamScience Foundation
- Jean Campbell: Group Dreaming

- Dreaming in Bridgewater!


Dreaming with the Ancestors

The World Dreams Peace Bridge, on the 15th of each month, is holding a monthly DaFuMu - a collective dream of good fortune - to support peace. This month, in honor of the IASD conference, the Peace Bridge will be Dreaming with the Ancestors, asking the ancient beings of the planet for dream guidance.

For more information go to:

To join the World Dreams Peace Bridge discussion group, just send an e-mail to .

Dream Telepathy Contest

Through the magic of Dream Telepathy Contest hosts, Rita Dwyer and Dr. Robert Van de Castle, those who can not attend the IASD conference will once again be able to participate in this year's Dream Telepathy contest, which will be introduced on Thursday evening, June 22nd, immediately following the Solstice celebration. Telepathy pictures and a photo of this year's sender will be posted to the IASD Online Bulletin Board at

Virtual Dreaming Art Gallery

Invitation. Opens on the Summer Solstice, 2006

The Virtual Dreaming Art Gallery will officially open on the 2006 Summer Solstice and run through the Fall Equinox, 2006. Gallery sponsored by DreamGate and the Electric Dreams community.

When is that for me?
San Francisco (U.S.A. - California) Wednesday, June 21, 2006 at 5:26 AM UTC-7 hours PDT UTC Wednesday, June 21, 2006 at 12:26

Where is it?
The gallery will occur "only" in virtual dream space. That is, its where-ever your dream seems to show the location. We expect the gallery size, shape and location to evolve over time as dreamers contribute to the project.

Who can participate?
Anyone may participate whose art works were created or found in a dream. Perhaps you will dream that the art work was already accepted into the gallery. Perhaps you will create or find art objects in a dream that you had years ago, but now feel they could entered into the gallery. Some may participate with dreams about the gallery itself, and about aesthetic judgments regarding the art.

What is a dream art object?
The discussion of what constitutes a dream art object will evolve over the course of the show. For now, if the dreamer contributing the art object says it is a dream art object, then it is. Since the gallery is a virtual dream space, (only in our dream life) many of the objects will be entered as descriptions of the object. Objects that include the dream they came in are encouraged.

How do I enter a dream art object to the gallery if its only in our dreams?
You can enter a dream art object by posting a description of the art piece at Electric Dreams. You may also send in renditions or physical art (jpg, gif) representations or inspired pieces. Please include copyright and re-use rules for your narratives or pictures. The areas of discussion may shift and evolve over time. Please use the following form:

What if I have dreams about art and the gallery before the opening on the Summer Solstice?
Great, send them along. You might have even had psi dreams about the gallery some time ago. I just don't plan to publish any of them in Electric Dreams until the show starts. We can still post and discuss them here anytime.

What about dreams about the gallery itself?
Great, yes, any dreams about the gallery itself will be included in the final collection.

What about dreams about other people's dream art work or judgments about the aesthetic qualities of the work?
(I have a dream about your art piece in the gallery or somewhere else, and three people make comments....). Great, send those along.

What's the collection and gallery going to be used for?
Part of the purpose is a community project for the promotion of discussion around dreams and aesthetics. Another part is to gather data for some ideas about dreams and aesthetics. Some feel that there can't be any dream art IN the dream itself as its all subjective and so doesn't constitute a social art object. Others feel that there can be art, but it can't be judged, as no one else sees the art. So there is an overall question, can there really be a Dream Aesthetics? For this question, judgments made IN dreams will be of particular interest. In general, this first exhibition will be discussed on this bboard, and the contributions that are released by the contributors will be published in Electric Dreams. Art may go into future EDreams covers.

Will this be a contest?
There will be awards, but these are still undecided. Its not clear if a contest will be involved (best dream art picture, best narrative, best rendition, etc), but this may evolve depending on the dreams people contribute. Its very important for the developers of the project to allow the project to develop "organically" depending on the dreams and dream community involved.

What is an art object?
This is open to discussion, but we can start with a definition from :

An art object (or objet d'art, from the French) is any object—such as a painting, sculpture, book, etc.—that has been made in order to be a thing of beauty in itself or a symbolic statement of meaning, rather than having a practical function.

Public Relations: Feel free to post or publish this information as you like.

Hope you will all participate!

Richard Wilkerson

Update from the Precognition Games

The Precognition Games have finished. I'd like to offer a few preliminary observations.

I found especially the results for the first task encouraging for the idea that precognitive dreams can in fact be incubated. I wrote about this task last month

Subsequent tasks either became more complicated or less personal. The number of participants decreased, and the number of remarkable results decreased perhaps even more. That makes sense in hindsight, but I originally assumed that some dreamers would do better with impersonal precognitive dreams. I haven't given up on that assumption yet. I know there are those who have big precognitive dreams fairly often, and I hope that they will eventually find their way to the Dream Registry, so we get dreams registered before they come true.

The last task asked to dream about the future of psi dreaming. The task was not specifically designed for precognitive dreaming, but allowed for a lot of speculation as well. A number of dreams made me wonder whether there could be something like common dream themes for advanced dreamers. I got that idea especially after reading an unusual but not completely uncommon dream from Kay, posted to IASD PSI Dreams. Then I looked back at other dreams, which included a more familiar teaching-others-to-fly dream from Laura. There are a few more things to say about the results of this task (and the previous ones), but I'll save that for a longer article.

All submitted dreams remain available at the Dream Registry, and the Dream Registry remains of course open for new dreams. I hope everyone will register all (possibly) precognitive dreams at the Dream Registry. Any other dreams that go beyond the mere personal are very welcome as well.

Best wishes,

Harry Bosma

You're invited to, a dream documentation project.

Check it out at

With DreamsBox, you can anonymously share dreams/nightmares in addition to creating and sharing your own personal dream diary with friends and family. Along with browsing and reading other people's dreams, DreamsBox offers a unique rating and search system.

Physical world:

Dream Meetup Groups always has had groups for dreamers who wanted to meet each other face to face. Some of those groups have become quite popular, like the Soul Dreamers Meetup Group in New York, having over 100 members: statistics show that from the 1060 people interested in joining a dream group, 892 people are waiting for somebody to step forward and organize an actual meeting. A large part of those people are simply to spread out to reach a critical mass, but you may want to take a look at the following overview to see whether you could get a group going in our area:

Berkeley: the Dream Institute

The Dream Institute of Northern California
1672 University Ave
Berkeley, CA 94703
Also see:

The Dream Institute offers the following during June 2006.

Culture Dreaming

Monthly, Saturday afternoons 3-5, $20
June 3, July 7, August 5, Social hour follows

Culture Dreaming is an experimental ritual that gives a living sense of interconnection. Dreams are first told in council fashion; then we explore the composite dream co-created. Like a camera obscura that opens a window to the world, it shows surprising relevance to current societal and global concerns. Come once, occasionally, or regularly.

Richard Russo, M.A. and Meredith Sabini, Ph.D.

Poetry Salon

Monthly, Sunday afternoons 3-5, $5-15

This innovative monthly series is a roundtable format where published poets can present their own work and then participants can also read their own or favorites, for a lively sharing.

June 11: Joyce Jenkins, editor and publisher of Poetry Flash; Rhonda Morton, author of Breathing In, Breathing Out

July 16: Open salon; anyone may read

August 20: Alice Jones, editor and publisher of Apogee Press

Art and Dreams

Monthly, Saturday mornings, 10am-1pm
June 17, July 15, August 19, $10-30 sliding scale

This workshop provides a space to explore dreams through art-making. Not about skill, performance, or product, it invites adventure, mystery, unfolding. All levels welcome; no experience necessary. Materials are provided. Attend a single day or regularly.

Emily Anderson, former Associate Director, Lucid Art Foundation; Former Co-Director, Oakland Art Gallery. Multimedia artist with Dream Studies Certificate and M.A. in Transformative Arts, JFK University.

Nancy Isaacs has been an active dreamer for forty years; her graduate studies were in anthropology, art history, and psychology.

Dreams and Spiritual Practise

Sunday mornings, 11-12:30, $5-20
June 25, July 30, August 13, 27

Dreams have been central to sacred traditions throughout time. Their wisdom and guidance offers unmediated contact with "The Source," by whatever name one knows it. A presentation by the Director or invited guests highlight the wisdom function of dreaming. There will be time for discussion, sharing of dreams, and meditation.

Dreaming With Eyes Open

Monthly, Friday evenings: 7:30-9pm, $20
June 9, July 7, August 11
Seating is limited to 25; please call to reserve.

A dream-play . . . Back by popular demand!
A moving rendition of actual dreams based on a Culture Dreaming event. The play addresses universal themes of contacting the ancestors, receiving animal wisdom, doing ritual, and finding one's voice.

Berkeley: Marcia Emery's Dream Salon

You are invited to join Dr. Marcia Emery’s monthly salon the last Thursday of each month. Open Mike format so bring your questions about Intuitive Development and/or dream interpretation. In addition to the discussion, everyone will receive a five minute intuitive reading or dream interpretation. Fee for each session is $20. Date: Thursday, May 25 at 1502 Tenth Street, Berkeley 7:15-9:15pm. Space is limited so please RSVP right away to reserve your seat.

Please call 510/526-5510 or email

Marcia Emery, Ph.D., has pioneered applied intuition practices for decades and has developed intuition-enhancing techniques based on her many years of experience as a psychologist, intuitive consultant, college lecturer, and media personality. Marcia was one of the three dream experts on the, Dream Decoders miniseries which aired on The Discovery Health Channel last November.

San Francisco: Conscious Dreaming group

My Conscious Dreaming group starts Tuesday, June 6. It's a four week dream group based on the incredibly powerful and creative work of Robert Moss ( I have space for six more dreamers to attend. If you or anyone you know could use some creative flow and exciting adventure in their lives, please pass this info along.

I greatly appreciate your support and send you many blessings.

Sweet dreams,

phone: 415.447.8552

USA and UK: Robert Moss

Check out two new articles, "A Mirror For the Sun Goddess", and "Dream Reentry in the Mabinogion", available at the homepage of the website.

For your convenience, here are some highlights from the calendar at:

Reclaiming the ancient dreamways

Weekend Workshop at June 17, 18
Asheville, North Carolina, USA

Dreaming the soul back home

5 day Residential Retreat
June 20-25
Big Sur, California, USA

Reclaiming the ancient dreamways

Four-Day Residential Retreat
Thursday-Sunday, July 6-9
Stroud, Gloucesterhire, UK

USA: Jeremy Taylor

June, 2006 June 2-4 - Danville, CA (San Damiano Retreat Ctr)
Weekend Workshop: "Dream Work as a Spiritual Discipline."
You may stay at the Retreat Center, or commute. Register on line at or phone 925/837.9141. Cost is $195 (with room and board) or $165 without. Schedule is Friday night orientation and introduction to group dream work, Saturday all day experiential workshop, Saturday evening dream work in small groups, and Sunday morning further dream work in the larger group.

June 11-16 - Hendersonville, NC
Haden Institute Summer Dream Conference. Jeremy will be offering dream training, including "More Ways Than Talk - Getting at the Deeper Meanings of Dreams Through Expressive Arts-As-Meditation." This conference is focused on understanding dreams in the light of Christian faith and tradition. You will have the opportunity to learn to understand dreams as a Christian discipline, find guidance for starting a dream group in your church, and to share the community of those exploring the growing Christian dream-work movement. It is open to all. It will be held at the Kanuga Retreat Center. Register by mail (Haden Institute, PO Box 1793, Flat Rock, NC 28731-1793), fax (828-693.1919) or email ( For more information you can contact The Rev Bob Haden at or 828-693.9292.

June 16-18 - Lexington, KY
Association for the Advancement of Psychosynthesis' 2006 Annual Conference. Theme is "Diversity in Unity; Unity in Diversity" Keynote by Houston Smith. Jeremy will do a presentation introducing group projective dream work as a psychological practice and a spiritual discipline, and also a post conference workshop on working with your dreams. For more information email to or go to their website at .

June 20-25 - Bridgewater, MA
Annual International Association for the Study of Dreams conference on the campus of Bridgewater College near Boston, MA. Jeremy will offer a workshop on June 23 and a presentation on June 24. A great opportunity to work with dream workers from around the world. Open to all! Go to .

June 30 - July 2 - Santa Cruz, CA
Weekend Workshop at Unity Temple (Friday night orientation and Saturday experiential workshop; Sunday service). All are Welcome! Contact Kathy at

July 7-9 - Saugerties, NY
Weekend Workshop at Miriams Well Retreat Center. All are welcome - new folks and returnees. Contact Richard at

Books, movies, research

More about the DreamScience Foundation

Exciting news for researchers! Already announced last month, here are more details.

A joint IASD/DreamScience Foundation Grant Partnership will provide annual grants for dream research. The Call for research will be available in early July 2006 and the most promising projects will be chosen by August 2006 and asked to submit a more formal proposal.

Research Focus: The focus of the granting activity is dream research, particularly research that uses good research methodology designed to provide measurable and repeatable results. Disciplines of interest include, but are not limited to, the neuroscience of dreaming, psychological studies of dreaming and quantitative dream research in such fields as anthropology and cultural studies.

DREAMSCIENCE FOUNDATION(TM) The DreamScience Foundation is a private funding institution dedicated to stimulating research in dreams and dreaming. Go to for more information on the organization, its founder and dream studies in general. All funds are privately donated from DreamScience to IASD in support of this granting partnership.

For more information, please visit:

Jean Campbell: Group Dreaming

The pioneer in group dreaming Jean Campbell finally wrote a book on her experiences with groups of people dreaming together. The book starts with many chapters on the Dreams to the Tenth Power experiments, that took place decades ago. That alone should interest many psi dreamers.

After the first set of chapters, the book adopts a more informal style. Jean Campbell tells about key events in the recent history of the dream movement, among others the formation of the IASD. The book ends with a series of chapters on the World Dreams Peace group. This group started soon after 9/11 and seeks to combine dreaming and group dreaming with peace work. This is still a very active group, holding a monthly DaFuMu. You may have heard of that.

Order before June 18th and get a 30% discount!:


Dreaming in Bridgewater!

23rd Annual Conference of the International Association for the Study of Dreams

June 20 - 24th, 2006
Bridgewater State College,
Bridgewater Massachusetts

Invited speakers include noted Jungian psychologist, Michael Conforti, Ph.D, dreamwork pioneer, Montague Ullman, M.D., and Sci-Fi and fantasy author, Orson Scott Card.

Special note for artists: TWO THOUSAND DOLLARS in prizes will be awarded by an anonymous donor for the best Dream Art in June, '06. 1st prize: $l000, two 2nd prizes of $500 each. Any medium is acceptable including photography, videos or DVDs, computer art, book art, installation or any combination of the above. The dream or the significant part of the dream must be included. The criteria for selection will be originality, integrity, universality, and relevance to building bridges. The awards will be presented during the Art Reception in June, '06.

Join dreamers, clinicians, researchers, educators and artists from all over the world for four days of workshops, lectures, exhibits, and events examining dreaming and dreamwork as presented through traditional and innovative theories and therapies, personal study, scientific research, cultural tradition and the arts. Over 100 workshops and events on all aspects of dreaming are planned, with topics and events of interest to the general public as well as professionals. Special events include an Opening Reception, a Dream Arts Exhibition and reception, a solstice visit to a Native American archaeoastronomical site, a Dream Telepathy Contest, various other social events and the ever popular closing costume "Dream Ball".

More information at the website of the IASD: