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April 2007

Thank you Richard for looking after the news while I was traveling.

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- Dream Video Picks of the Month
- Dream Journals on the Net

Physical world:
- IASD News: Annual Conference and Radio Show
- New Mexico: Victoria Rabinowe

Books, movies, research:
- Deadline August 2007 for Dream Research Funding
- Call for dreams: "Dancing the Labyrinth"
- Grant: Can Our Dreams Make Us Well?

- Various calenders
- Strephon Says: Podcasts and blog
- Ritual DaFuMu for Peace


Dream Video Picks of the Month

Creating and sharing videos is now easier than ever before. What are dreamers putting online? This month we have a theme of dream machines.

Death of a Dream Machine

Dexter's Lab - Dream Machine

Kidd Video - The Dream Machine - 1 of 3 (Ep. 14)

Have you found other dream videos, or created your own, let us know.

Richard Wilkerson

Dream Journals on the Net

After the rise of logging dream descriptions online, some dreamers recently started to also put drawings and other pictures online. You may find these inspiring.

Late 2006 Robin Whitmore started his online dream diary. He makes his drawings on paper with his eyes closed. After scanning the colors are inverted. The DreamDiary is currently also on display as a year long installation at the Dock, Carrick on Shannon, Ireland.

Check out:

Physical world

IASD News: Annual Conference and Radio Show

The 24th Annual Conference of the International Association for the Study of Dreams will be held 29 June to 3 July 2007 at Sonoma State University, Rohnert Park, California

New this year are the pre-conference sessions : "If you would like intensive training in skills or knowledge related to dreams, we are offering morning and afternoon pre-conference workshops on Friday June 29, before the conference begins. If you have already registered for the main conference you may return to the registration site to add pre-conference sign-ups and fees."

IASD's "Dream Time" an Internet radio program is broadcasting each Wednesday at 9am Pacific (Noon Eastern), the show airs with a rebroadcast 12 hours later. Tune in to the following shows in April.

April 4: Spiritual and Cosmic Dream Connections - Bob Van de Castle PhD & Rita Dwyer
April 11: Extraordinary and Psychic Dreams - Stanley Krippner PhD
April 18: Dreams and Healing - Wendy Pannier & Rita Dwyer
April: 25 Working with Your Own Dreams your host Bob Hoss, MS
May 2: Working in Dream Groups - Jeremy Taylor, Bob Haden

The IASD website:

New Mexico: Victoria Rabinowe

April 3, 2007: Trickster

In honor of April Fools Day. Meddle with the notion of your dream. Allow your dream images to shift their shape and to play their tricks

April 10, 2007: Resurrection

In Honor of Easter. A dream that left the world forever changed.

April 17, 2007: The Rules of the Game

Dreams, like the world of games,
navigate through the territory of dark and light
in a checkered journey
where conscious versus unconscious in fundamental archetypal conflicts.

April 24, 2007: The Wounded Healer

"Maybe the purpose of the wound is to make us aware of the healing power within us" -Adler

Visit the website:

Victoria Rabinowe
Dreaming Arts Studio
1432 Don Gaspar, Santa Fe
505 988-1086

Books, movies, research

Deadline August 2007 for Dream Research Funding

2007 Call for Research Letters of Intent from DreamScience/IASD

The DreamScience Foundation in cooperation with IASD is again offering money for qualified dream research.

Submission Areas: High quality research proposal Letters of Intent are invited in areas related to dreams and dreaming, including but not limited to: the neuroscience of dreaming, psychological studies of dreaming and quantitative dream research in such fields as anthropology and cultural studies.

The submission deadline is 15 August 2007. See the IASD / DreamScience website for more information and email submission forms:

Grant: Can Our Dreams Make Us Well?

Dream Power: Can Our Dreams Make Us Well?
by Mary Jo Davis-Grant

She dreamed her way from sick to healthy

Did you ever have a dream that left you feeling healthy and refreshed in the morning? Well, Mary Jo Davis-Grant did: 500 of them, in fact, over a seven-year illness. In this uplifting true story, Mary Jo analyzes 41 of those dreams to answer the question: Can the images of our dreams affect our health and even help cure illness? You'll be amazed at the possibilities for safe, drug-free pain and stress relief described in this true story from a daring educator and psychologist.

Call for dreams: "Dancing the Labyrinth"

I am weaving together a solo performance for the IASD conference in Sonoma titled 'Dancing the Labyrinth.' I am collecting dreams about 'dance' and 'labyrinths' to use as inspiration in choreography and for poetic synthesis. If you have had dreams around this theme-please send them over to


Various calenders

Nicole Gratton (Canada):

Robert Moss (USA):

Jeremy Taylor (California):

Strephon Says: Podcasts and blog

Strephon Kaplan-Williams is an international expert on dreams and dreamwork. Now in retirement age Strephon gives his podcasts.

Ritual DaFuMu for Peace

The World Dreams Peace Bridge, on the 15th of each month, is holding a monthly DaFuMu - a collective dream of good fortune - to support peace.

For more information go to:

To join the World Dreams Peace Bridge discussion group, just send an e-mail to .