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October 2006

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- Premonition Web
- Sawlogs Dreams Now Have Images
- Real Life Log 'Field of Shattered Dreams'

Physical world:
- New York: Latin American Fine Art Exhibition
- California: IASD Call for Presentations
- Berkeley: Dreams and Islam
- Kickoff Event for IASD Bay Area Lecture Series
- Santa Fe: Workshops by Victoria Rabinowe

- Various calenders
- Strephon Says: Podcasts and blog
- Ritual DaFuMu for Peace


Premonition Web

Register your dream's and premonitions, visions, without having to go to a bank. Premonition Web is a dream registry designed to help precognitive dreamers to monitor what they see and when they see it.

If you want to register your dreams there is yearly fee of £6.00 to pay for the site, the paperwork (a receipt will be sent to you via post or Email) and lastly the safe filing of your dreams, which will be kept within the limits of the Data Protection act 1998. Once you've paid this fee, you can update your dreams six times throughout the year.

There are also discussion papers offering explanations for premonition dreaming.

Sawlogs Dreams Now Have Images

Sawlogs now displays an image next to each dream described at Sawlogs. Along with a complete site redesign, these images offer a visual component to a (typically) text-driven experience.

Sawlogs still offers dreamers content analysis statistics based on the Hall/Van de Castle scales. Describe a dream today and see what happens.

Real Life Log 'Field of Shattered Dreams'

My site basically is a detailing of all of my strange dreams, and also speculation on what the dreams might mean for me, etc. Eventually I want to expand the website to include articles on dream interpretation, the meaning of dreams for our lives, how dreams impact our lives and psychology, and assorted other topics.

The URL of my site is this:

Peter Kaufman

Physical world:

New York: Latin American Fine Art Exhibition

Agora Gallery, 530 West 25th St., New York.
Running from October 21 to November 10, 2006

The upcoming Latin American Fine Art Exhibition will showcase artists inspired by dreams - Mauricio Toulumsis and Raul Martinez. Reception takes place on Thursday, October 26th, 6-8 PM.

Mauricio Toulumsis

Replete with religious and symbolic significance, Mauricio Toulumsis' images are inspired by the deeply felt emotion accompanying the exultant belief in eternal life. Toulumsis' distinctive, stylized portraiture generally depicts the female as the central figure in the process of life, as the stewardess of birth and creation. Groups of heavenly matrons, often surrealistic in semblance, are the proud, powerful and uncannily numinous sovereigns of Toulumsis' works. The result of 30 years of self-exploration, Toulumsis' paintings delve into the philosophical search for meaning in life, meaning in death, and truths about the corporeal and spiritual human. Born in Mexico City, Toulumsis developed his technical rendering skills while studying architecture. He has exhibited his work both in Mexico and the United States.

Raul Martinez

In Raul Martinez’s painting, “Self Portrait,” the artist’s hands, turned inward, are tranquil yet melancholy in their stillness and isolation. The artist does not show his face, but reveals so much more by sinking his arms into a milky light. This, Martinez is telling us, is where his art is created, and where he reveals himself. This palpable mood is also conveyed in Martinez’s black and white studies of women portrayed within a painterly environment of light, shadow and motion. Like the artist in his ironically titled self-portrait, his subjects are physically vulnerable and turned away, yet we know intuitively the complex emotional landscape of these women, for Martinez has made it the substance of their surroundings. When he works in color, sunlight is key to Martinez’s work. Whether contemplating a dozing figure or capturing the kaleidoscopic impressions of a streetscape, Martinez uses light as a tool for an exuberant investigation of the isolated moment. Raul Martinez has shown his powerful oil painting throughout Puerto Rico and has recently been invited to participate in international shows in Valladolid, Spain and The Hague, Holland.

California: IASD Call for Presentations

24th Annual Conference
International Association for the Study of Dreams
29 June to 3 July 2007
Sonoma State University, Rohnert Park, California
DEADLINE for submissions — 15December 2006

High quality proposals are invited that explore the conference theme, The Spirit of the Dream. These may reflect on how the dream offers a source of wisdom, guidance, information, energy, or creative inspiration to the dreamer or to the community; and how the relationship with dreams can be cultivated so that we live lives that are deeper, more creative, and more meaningful.

Berkeley: Dreams and Islam

I have exciting news regarding the Open Forum in Dream Studies, which will meet twice this Fall, on Monday September 18 and Monday October 16, 7:30-9:30 pm at the Dream Institute (1672 University Ave., Berkeley, 510-845-1767).

The gatherings will involve a two-part presentation on Dreams and Islam, facilitated by Malek Yamani. Malek's work centers on the interaction of Muslim spirituality and Jungian psychology, with a focus on the powerful dream teachings of the two traditions. In a world that seems to be tearing itself apart over different religious visions of the divine (you know what day this is), Malek's perspective offers a refreshing and hope-inspiring vision of cultural respect and mutual understanding through dreams.

A native of Morocco, a graduate of Sonoma State's Depth Psychology Program, and currently a student at California Institute of Integral Studies (in addition to being a globe-trotting Microsoft executive and father of four), Malek will lead a discussion on topics that I think everyone who works with dreams in the contemporary world should be part of. Please tell your friends, colleagues, and students, and I hope to see you there.

Best regards,


Kickoff Event: IASD Bay Area Lecture Series

The Dream Institute of Northern California
1672 University Ave
Berkeley, CA 94703

Enjoy this kickoff of the IASD Bay Area Lecture Series. Jean Campbell, president of the International Association for the Study of Dreams, presents an Evening Discussion of Group Dreaming and Dream Activism at the Dream Institute.

Wednesday, October 25, 2006 6:30 - 9:30 p.m. (Presentation begins at 7p.m.)

Admission: $15, including wine and cheese reception beginning at 6:30 p.m. ($5 discount to IASD members and students with valid i.d.)

Upcoming speakers include: Robert J. Hoss; Marcia Emery, Ph.D.; Robert Van de Castle, Ph.D.; Craig Webb, Gayle Delaney, Ph.D.; David Gordon, Ph.D.; Jacquie Lewis, and others.

Call (209) 724-0889, or email for further information.

Santa Fe: Workshops by Victoria Rabinowe

Offering Workshops in Santa Fe and elsewhere. Weekly Studio classes, every Tuesday from 1:00 to 6:30 p.m. at Victoria’s Santa Fe Learning Center. Custom designed courses of study, workshops and retreats for groups, conferences and professional trainings. Internet “remote” workshop projects for individuals and groups.

Here are workshops coming up in October. Also visit the website


October 3
Remembrance and forgiveness
In Honor of Yom Kippur
Tuesday 1-6:30
The Dreaming Arts Studio
1432 Don Gaspar


Tuesday 10-6:00
Pecos Benedictine Abbey
Call for reservations and directions 505 988-1086
$50. donation to Sister Miriam

For over ten years, Sister Miriam has hosted our dream group in a day of sculpting our dreams from nature by the beautiful pecos river.

The Festival of Sukkot is intended for all of mankind. It is quite a drastic transition from the most solemn holidays in our year to the most joyous. It is a harvest festival and a general thanksgiving for the bounty of our dreams in the year that has passed.


October 17
In honor of Simchat Torah
Tuesday 1-6:30
The Dreaming Arts Studio
1432 Don Gaspar

Come, come whoever you are
Wanderer, worshiper, lover of leaving;
It doesn’t matter.
Ours is not a caravan of despair.
Come, come
even if you have broken your vows a thousand times
come - come yet again, come.


October 24
In Honor of Lailatul Qadr
Tuesday 1-6:30
The Dreaming Arts Studio
1432 Don Gaspar

The Quran is peace by itself.
The night in which this Divine Book is sent down gives a spiritual luster to our dreaming hearts and souls.


October 31
In Honor of Halloween
Tuesday 1-6:30
The Dreaming Arts Studio
1432 Don Gaspar

Fill dream books and journals with spells, incantations and hexes. Call the wild, dark, hidden side to emerge.


Various calenders

Robert Moss (USA):

Jeremy Taylor (California):

Nicole Gratton (Canada):

Strephon Says: Podcasts and blog

By following Strephon's podcasts you will be engaging in a consciousness course by experiencing the meaning of the dreams Strephon talks about as he developed their themes and wisdom aspects.

Strephon Kaplan-Williams is an international expert on dreams and the new dreamwork, as reflected in his many books over the years. His best seller in America and other countries has been his The Dream Cards. However, his dreamwork manuals are the respected classics in the field used in college and university classes as well as by the general public.

Now in retirement age Strephon gives his podcasts and continues to write new books.

Ritual DaFuMu for Peace

The World Dreams Peace Bridge, on the 15th of each month, is holding a monthly DaFuMu - a collective dream of good fortune - to support peace.

For more information go to:

To join the World Dreams Peace Bridge discussion group, just send an e-mail to .