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April 2006

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- Lucid dreaming at Dream Views
- Website Kirsten Borum
- News from Sawlogs
- World Dream Group Directory

Physical world:
- Berkeley: the Dream Institute

Books, movies, research:
- Veronica Tonay: The Creative Dreamer
- Tony Crisp: Lucid Dreaming

- Dreaming in Bridgewater
- Ritual DaFuMu for Peace
- the Precognition Games
- Comparing Lucid and Non-Lucid Dreams


Dream Views

This website provides information on lucid dreaming, controlling dreams, the stages of sleep, dream recall, dream signs, and more. It is written to be easily understood by those just starting out; the information and techniques provided are also beneficial for those who already have some ability. Tutorials are provided to further help those in their attempts, and an active message forum is available for those seeking help or wanting to provide it.

Website Kirsten Borum

Kirsten Borum tells about dreaming in Denmark, that has its own tradition thanks to among others Jes Bertelsen and Bob Moore. Both men are more interested in meditation than in dreams, but use dream work as a way to reach out to people.

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News from Sawlogs

This Week's Spotlight: Five Features of Dreaming

J. Allan Hobson, in his excellent book The Dreaming Brain, describes five features that characterize dreams. We include a recent dream from Sawlogs that represents each below.

* Intense emotion: I Couldn't Save the Girl in Pink and Blue by LeeAnn Garrett

* Illogical content: Tooth by Joe Tait

* Uncritical acceptance: Water Eats a Camera by Justin Lynn

* Activated senses: Smoky Building by Mary Teel

* Difficult to remember: Car Wreck and Ice Cream by Arin Miller

World Dream Group Directory

Help the IASD Develop a directory of active dream groups, worldwide. Would you like to list your group on the IASD website? The IASD would like to learn more about how many dream groups are active, how many people are involved, and how the IASD can help group members and leaders. Please contact the IASD Board Secretary Gary Goodwin to learn more about this project.


Physical world:

Berkeley: the Dream Institute

The Dream Institute of Northern California
1672 University Ave
Berkeley, CA 94703
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The Dream Institute offers the following during April and May 2006.

The Royal Road - Seminars For Professionals

An introduction
Sunday April 9
10 am–2 pm
4 ceus

Dreams easily deepen the therapeutic process, yet training programs rarely teach therapists how to work with them. Dr. Thorpe gives an overview of how psychoanalytic dream theory has changed over time and then presents examples of dreams from the beginning, middle, and end of treatment. These illustrate how well dreams portray unconscious dynamics and can guide our interventions. This interactive seminar invites participants to engage with material presented.

Jan Thorpe, Ph.D., has had a psychotherapy practice in Berkeley and San Francisco for fifteen years; her dissertation gave a labyrinth-matrix model for clinical work with dreams.

Dreams about the Therapist, Dreams about the Client

Fridays, April 28, May 5, May 19
4–6 pm
6 ceus

Dreams client and therapist have about each other go to the heart of the healing process. We will look at the subjective, objective, and inter-subjective dimensions of such dreams, beginning with the fascinating examples cited by Freud and Jung. Emphasis is less on interpretation than on crafting thoughtful inquiries to foster interactive dialogue. Reading material from contemporary authors is provided. Participants are invited to bring in dreams for discussion.

Meredith Sabini, Ph.D., has specialized in Dream Consultation for therapists for twenty years and just completed a three-volume anthology Dreams Within the Dyad.

The Royal Road - Seminars For Professionals

A six-week seminar
Thursday afternoons, May 4, 11, 18, 25, June 1, 8
4:45–6:15 pm
9 ceus

This seminar focuses on clinical understanding of dreams and their use in treatment. Questions of how dreams are reported, their transference implications, and functions of a given dream will be explored. The process of dream formation and symbolization will be illustrated with examples of typical dream themes. Emphasis is on ways of using the dream in an intervention to further the therapeutic process. Open to licensed practitioners of any experience level and orientation.

Barbara McSwain, L.C.S.W., Training and Supervising Analyst, SF Psychoanalytic Institute and PINC; Board Certified Diplomate in Clinical Social Work in private practice in Berkeley.

Books, movies, research

Veronica Tonay: The Creative Dreamer

In this revised edition of THE CREATIVE DREAMER, psychologist Veronica Tonay blends classical dream theory with a fascinating analysis of universal themes, trends, and elements of dreams that can inspire creativity in waking life. Includes exercises for interpreting and using dreams to expand and enhance creative potential, work through blocks, and form a creative community. Analyzes the dreams of extraordinarily creative, successful people, such as Stephen King, Maya Angelou, Maurice Sendak, and Anne Rice.

Expected in April:

Tony Crisp: Lucid Dreaming

To awaken during sleep and exercise full control over what happens in dreams is one of the most amazing adventures a human being can have. Lucid dreaming offers a direct link to the deepest parts of the mind, the emotions, and the imagination, allowing us to release the enormous potential within us. It is also a doorway into a new awareness of hidden aspects of waking reality. Tony Crisp’s practical exercises and step-by-step instructions explain how to become fully conscious while dreaming— to use dreams for self-exploration, problem solving, enhancing self-confidence, learning new skills, fostering creativity, and strengthening relationships.

Expected in April:


Dreaming in Bridgewater

23rd Annual Conference of the International Association for the Study of Dreams

June 20 - 24th, 2006
Bridgewater State College,
Bridgewater Massachusetts

Invited speakers include noted Jungian psychologist, Michael Conforti, Ph.D, dreamwork pioneer, Montague Ullman, M.D., and Sci-Fi and fantasy author, Orson Scott Card.

Special note for artists: TWO THOUSAND DOLLARS in prizes will be awarded by an anonymous donor for the best Dream Art in June, '06. 1st prize: $l000, two 2nd prizes of $500 each. Any medium is acceptable including photography, videos or DVDs, computer art, book art, installation or any combination of the above. The dream or the significant part of the dream must be included. The criteria for selection will be originality, integrity, universality, and relevance to building bridges. The awards will be presented during the Art Reception in June, '06.

Join dreamers, clinicians, researchers, educators and artists from all over the world for four days of workshops, lectures, exhibits, and events examining dreaming and dreamwork as presented through traditional and innovative theories and therapies, personal study, scientific research, cultural tradition and the arts. Over 100 workshops and events on all aspects of dreaming are planned, with topics and events of interest to the general public as well as professionals. Special events include an Opening Reception, a Dream Arts Exhibition and reception, a solstice visit to a Native American archaeoastronomical site, a Dream Telepathy Contest, various other social events and the ever popular closing costume "Dream Ball".

More information at the website of the IASD:

Ritual DaFuMu for Peace

The World Dreams Peace Bridge, on the 15th of each month, is holding a monthly DaFuMu - a collective dream of good fortune - to support peace.

For more information go to:

To join the World Dreams Peace Bridge discussion group, just send an e-mail to .

the Precognition Games

Experiments starting in April, running for several weeks each:

April 1/2 - Predicting the news

Dream about future news. Aim at something that will become known within the next week. Something small will do, allow your dreaming all the room it needs to find something that appeals to your interests. It can be newspaper news, or trade specific news, or anything else as long as it can be objectively verified.

April 15/16 - Getting involved

Have a dream to prepare for a future situation in your immediate environment. Suggestions for such a future situation include events in your own future, events in the life of people you know, or events in your neighborhood.

More information available at the IASD Discussion Boards, and you're welcome to add your special dreams to the Dream Registry at any time.

Comparing Lucid and Non-Lucid Dreams

More participants are welcome.

In order to further our understanding of the extent to which lucid dreams differ from non-lucid dreams in other ways than (obviously) whether or not the dreamer knows it is a dream at the time, we have designed a new questionnaire study, a revision of an earlier pilot study. In short, we are asking you to fill out a web questionnaire and report form four times; Two of these reports should be lucid dreams, and two should be non-lucid dreams.

The Lucidity Institute