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December 2004

If you have news you'd like to share, simply email Harry Bosma at his special address. I can also publish especially European and Asian dream news on the Dreamers United web log, see if you're curious.

- New monthly e-newsletter Energy And The Art Of Balance
- International dreaming with the Dream-ruyaTurkiye group
- Planetary dream YEAR4 / Rêve planétaire AN4

Physical world:
- Oneiric Visions, a program in Brazil (Stephen LaBerge)
- Discount deadline of the IASD conference 2005

Books, movies, research:
- The Language of Dreams by Robert Hoss


New monthly e-newsletter Energy And The Art Of Balance

I would like to announce that beginning next month, I will be starting a monthly e-newsletter called  Energy And The Art Of Balance. Its focus will be on how dreams and intuition can help us balance our spiritual lives with the world of our daily affairs. I have seen from experience that this subject seems to generate quite a bit of interest and it is a direction most of us seek as we continue forward on our spiritual paths.

"Through the practice of spirituality we strive for a connection with our spiritual nature and, often we want our lives to reflect that connection. Yet, my own experiences and conversations with other people have shown me that we tend to compartmentalize our spiritual lives separate from our daily lives. We don't always approach our own spirituality with the intent of combining the three main aspects of spirituality (mind, body and spirit) as an integrated whole in our daily affairs. All three play an equal role and have an important part in our connection with spirit".

-From the article Spirit And The Art Of Balance by Edward Bonapartian

If you would like to sign up for this newsletter  please e-mail me at

Your e-mail address will be kept confidential and will not be shared with anyone else. Please feel free to forward this e-mail to anyone you know who may be interested.
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Edward Bonapartian is the author of The Stories Of Our Lives - a story of healing through dreams and intuition (ISBN 159 113 4498). His avid interest in sharing dream awareness in a blue collar environment has allowed  him to publish articles on dreamwork both in the United States and England. He has been a contributor to Dream Network Journal, Electric Dreams, Grassdancer Vibrational Essences Magazine, Rocky Mountain Dream Journal, and Spiral Magazines. His interest in dreams and spirituality has led him to attend workshops on a array of subjects such as divination, intuitive healing, shamanism and working with dreams.

International dreaming with the Dream-ruyaTurkiye group

The Turkish dream discussion group "Dream-ruyaTurkiye" was created last September, and had 75 members in a short time. World dreamers are welcome to join us in our discussions, many of our members write in both languages, and we are trying to translate the others in English as much as we can. We wish to be an international group, learning and exchanging knowledge with the dreamers from other countries and cultures.

Thank you very much - Ilkin

Planetary dream YEAR4 / Rêve planétaire AN4

Winter solstice/ Solstice d’hiver

Night of the 21st to the 22nd of December 2004
(and nights of the 20th to the 21st and the 22nd to the 23rd)

Nuit du 21 au 22 décembre 2004
(et nuits du 20 au 21 et du 22 au 23)

N-B.: the solstice will take place precisely on Monday the 21st of dec. 2004 at 12 h 41 (Universal Time)

After the 7 Planetary dreams we had between 1982 and the year 2000, the Planetary dream 2004 (year 4) is part of a new set of Dreams related to the construction of the New era (The New Age).

Instructions for the dreamers:

In order to succeed the induction of the Planetary Dream 2004, it is advised for the participants to follow the classical rules for dream incubation (volontary induction of specific dream contents). See the incubated dream.

1. During the day and before going to sleep, become immersed in the call for the planetary dream and its theme: THE CLIMATE WARMING (GREENHOUSE EFFECT)

2. Just before you fall asleep and in state of relaxation.
- Immerse yourself in the visual support to the induction underneath:

One iceberg located at 150 km in the north of the arctic circle in september 2004. Without reduction of the CO2 emissions, the Arctic will melt at the end of the century.

More information about the greenhouse effect (in french)

- Induce the dream through a precise formulation like: "This night, in my dreams, I will think about the greenhouse effect an accomplish an ecological gesture."

3. When you wake up, record your dream as accurately as possible, whatever the content is.

4. Send your dream as soon as possible, before the 31st of december 2004.
- either by email to ONIROS:
- by postal mail: Oniros, Chitry Mont Sabot, 58190 - Neuffontaines, France.

Composition of the planetary dream
All the dreams sent by email or postal mail will be registered on the NET as soon as they are received to make up a specific electronic journal, «The Dream World», dated 21st of december 2004, available at the website for consultation by all the participants.

N.-B.: To be sure of the outcome of the Planetary dream 2004, the incubated dream has to be named, dated, with time indication, and sent with your email or postal address.

Physical world

Oneiric Visions

Ayahuasca, Lucidity, and Dreaming in the Amazon A 13-day residential program with Stephen LaBerge, Ph.D. and Luis Eduardo Luna, Ph.D. January 23-February 5, 2005, Manaus, Brazil.

Discount deadline of the IASD conference 2005

From the International Association for the Study of Dreams Discount Deadline for Berkeley Conference in December!
Hello everyone - I just wanted to remind you that the conference discount ends 31 December 2004 so please register on-line before that date at if you are thinking of attending the IASD 22nd annual conference June 24-28, 2005 at the Doubletree Hotel in Berkeley, California.

The discount is roughly 10% off of our early 2005 rate. Also please send in your responses to the Call for Papers before 31 December if you wish to present. We are going to start processing and scheduling early so please get them to Robert Hoss right away with a copy to Alan Siegel

VENUE The Conference will be held on the San Francisco Bay at the Doubletree Hotel adjacent to the Berkeley Marina. The hotel is in a beautiful quiet waterfront setting across the bay from the Golden Gate Bridge, and offers spectacular views of the Bay and marina. The site offers a wildlife sanctuary, and large waterfront park, plus ready access to Berkeley and the 4th street shops and restaurants. The San Francisco Bay Area is an ideal cool and sunny summer vacation spot, and with the 4th of July fireworks displays at the marina the weekend following the conference, it makes for a perfect time to stay and vacation in the Bay Area. For that reason the hotel is offering a special vacation package for the 4th of July weekend in addition to the discounted group rates for the Conference.


The Language of Dreams by Robert Hoss

"The Language of Dreams - Working with Imagery and Color"  Robert Hoss, M.S., Executive Officer and Past President International Association for the Study of Dreams, Instructor in Dream studies for Haden Institute, Paradise Valley College, Scottsdale College. Author can be reached at or web site

This book is written to complement various courses and workshops presented by the author. It covers: the basics and most frequently asked questions regarding dreams and dreaming; some of the latest findings in the neurobiology and possible relationship to dream content; the most common psychological theories of dreams; a suggested composite "model" for what is happening in dreams from a self-integration standpoint; a simple but powerful technique (based on Gestalt and Jungian principles) for discovering the "language" of dream imagery and personal associations hidden within; and the latest research by the author relating to the significance of color in dreams. The book concludes with a set of workbook style procedures and modules for working with your dreams, discovering personal meaning within the imagery and color, identifying conflicts and impasses that impede your progress, and using the dream to help with personal transformation. 162 pages, 13 chapters. Copyright 2004.

Price: $25 hard copy; $17 e-book version on CD (includes Adobe Reader); $12 for electronically transmitted e-book version (Adobe Reader required). Price includes postage within the US. Add $5 for shipping internationally.

ALL PROFITS GO TO IASD for books ordered through IASD. ORDER HERE TODAY: