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April 2005

If you have news you'd like to share, simply email Harry Bosma at his special address. I can also publish especially European and Asian dream news on the Dreamers United web log, see if you're curious.

- Award for Research or Creative Work

- Astral Abyss / Other Worlds website
- Brenda Ferrimani's paintings
- Dream Tokens
- New dream forum
- IASD Online Auction

Physical world:
- Nicole Gratton

Books, movies, research:
- Your dream in Dream Decoders
- Literature review lucid dreaming


Award for Research or Creative Work

Print this flyer and spread it around:

Thanks to a grant from an anonymous donor, IASD is able to offer graduate and undergraduate students the opportunity to compete for two $500.00 awards for the best student papers in the field of Dream Studies. Papers must be submitted to the IASD office by May 1, 2005, and will be judged by a panel of faculty members of IASD.

Authors of winning papers, as well as authors of papers deserving honorable mention, will be announced at the IASD 2005 Conference in Berkeley. Winners must agree to make their papers available for presentation either at a regional meeting of IASD, the 2005 Psiberdreaming Conference or the 2006 IASD Conference, and/or for publication in a future issue of Dreaming or DreamTime.

For information, email Curt Hoffman at .


Astral Abyss / Other Worlds websites

Here are two related websites for those interested in astral projection, dreams, magick, energy, and meditation. The Astral Abyss provides background articles on these topics:

Other Worlds is the home of an online community discussing these topics:

Brenda Ferrimani's paintings

Brenda Ferrimani is a painter of dreams. Her dream paintings have been seen on the cover of Dreamtime and Dream Network magazines, and the Rocky Mountain Dream Journal. Her work has been featured at the International Conference on the Fantastic in the Arts and IASD's Dream Odyssey Art Exhibition in 2001.

Dream Tokens

Dream-Tokens are lucid dream training tools. On the front of each coin is the image of a hand, reminding you to look at your hand to confirm the fact that you are dreaming. On the back is the challenging message: "This is a dream". By carrying this coin with you every day, you will be constantly reminded to ask yourself, "Am I dreaming?" Dream-Tokens are effective tools because they not only remind you to question reality, but also teach you a simple way to confirm and reinforce your lucid state. It is a complete training tool to help you acquire the skill of lucid dreaming.

Stephen Barnwell

New dream forum

A forum where you can send in your dreams for interpretation and you can read other dreams to see how they fit with yours. This forum is constantly being updated, with rare symbols and what they mean, as well as dreams of paranormal things like out of body experiences, psychic phenomena, etc.

Faerie Nimaway

IASD Online Auction

All dreamers are invited to join in the bidding in the IASD online auction! Some items up for bid:

* A Dream Interview session with world renowned dreamworker Gayle DeLaney

* A one-year subscription to The Lucid Dream Exchange magazine

* Two of Kelly Buckley's books: "The Wilderness of Dreams" and "An Introduction to the Psychology of Dreams"

* Three of Patricia Garfield's books: "Dream Catcher: A Young Person's Journal for Exploring Dreams" and " The Dream Book: A Young Person's Guide to Understanding Dreams" and "Women's Bodies,Women's Dreams".

* A new mission for the Psi Angels.

* And much much more!

The IASD is in the process of changing its forum software, so please look up to date information by going through the main page:

Kat Peters-Midland
Director IASD Online Auction

Physical world

Nicole Gratton

Nicole Gratton will offer two courses in a telephone conference in May. The course will be in French, and people in Canada and France should be able to participate in the same course.

The complete agenda - including many more activities - is available here (in French):

Books, movies, research

Your dream in Dream Decoders

Are you a dreamer? If so, we would like you to be a part of our new and groundbreaking mini-series, "Dream Decoders, " where your wildest dreams come alive and finally make sense. Dream Decoders will be airing both nationwide and internationally later this year on the Discovery Health Channel, a division of Discovery Communications, Inc. There will be a total of three one-hour long episodes that will be produced.

We are currently casting a total of 11 participants for the show. The participants must have had a dream that stuck with them during a transition in their life. The following are just a few examples of a transition, but please don't feel limited to them. They are: marriage/divorce, pregnancy/childbirth, career change, loss of a loved one or of a pet, change in finances, cosmetic surgery, illness, empty nest syndrome, mid-life crisis, menopause, sexual orientation, starting/graduating from college, preparing for an interview/audition, studying for an important test (SAT, GMAT, the Bar, etc.), participating in a competition, playing in a championship game, purchasing a new home, victim of a natural disaster, etc.

During the show, each of the participant's dreams will be visually represented and a panel of internationally known dream experts will help the participants decode their dream.

Please keep in mind that we will not reimburse anyone for their expenses, travel or otherwise. We will be compensating those 11 participants selected for the taping of the show $250 at the end of the tape day. Participants must meet the following eligibility requirements:

..Must be at least 18 years old

..Must be a U.S. Citizen or Resident (must have a social security number)

..Must not be currently running for public office

An application can be downloaded from our website at . Please include a recent photo of yourself with the application. Please note that anything submitted to us will not be returned.

Applications may be submitted by:


Dream Decoders
c/o Arden Entertainment
12034 Riverside Drive, Suite 200
North Hollywood, CA 91607
Attn: Casting

Fax: 818-985-3021

Please feel free to email us any questions not answered above. We hope to hear from you soon! Sweet Dreams!

Literature review lucid dreaming

Carolus M. den Blanken has published an extensive list of literature on lucid dreaming: