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March 2005

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- Student Essay Competition

- Update Planetary Dream Year 2004

Physical world:
- Danish association established
- Next discount deadline IASD conference

Books, movies, research:
- Studio 360 Dreams Program
- Update translation Marquis d’Hervey de Saint-Denys
- Research on Children and Psi Dreams


Student Essay Competition

Thanks to a grant from an anonymous donor, IASD is able to offer graduate and undergraduate students the opportunity to compete for two $500.00 awards for the best student papers in the field of Dream Studies. Papers must be submitted to the IASD office by May 1, 2005, and will be judged by a panel of faculty members of IASD. Authors of winning papers, as well as authors of papers deserving honorable mention, will be announced at the IASD 2005 Conference in Berkeley. Winners must agree to make their papers available for presentation either at a regional meeting of IASD, the 2005 Psiberdreaming Conference or the 2006 IASD Conference, and/or for publication in a future issue of Dreaming or DreamTime.

For information, email to .


Update Planetary Dream Year 2004

Roger Ripert still receives new entries for the Planetary Dream event that was held in December last year. See:

Physical world

Danish association established

The first general assembly in the Danish Association for the Study of Dreams or FFSD (Foreningen for Studiet af Drømme) met on February 10 in Copenhagen. The founding members are: Jette Cabo, Olaf Gerlach Hansen, Anders Vogt, Kirsten Borum, Heidi Frier, Anders Thingman, Jens Tørning, Mette Løgstrup Magnusson, Dorte Karstensen, Anna Eskelund, Kira From, Elena Semenishina, Annette Hansen, Irene Lathey, Rikke Andersen, Hanne Hauer and Mik Aidt.

The following people were elected to the board: Jens Tørning, Heidi Frier, Jette Cabo, Olaf Gerlach Hansen, Mette Løgstrup Magnusson, Kirsten Borum and Anders Vogt.

Photos available here:

Next discount deadline IASD conference

Register as a member before June 10, 2005, and you'll be able to get a discount.

Dreams are a universal, nightly phenomenon in every culture around the world. Now you have a chance to learn more about these curious, inspiring and often puzzling productions we create in our sleep. Attend the The International Association for the Study of Dreams 22nd Annual Conference June 24-28, 2005 at the beautiful Doubletree Hotel at the Berkeley Marina. The five day conference offers over 100 workshops, seminars and exhibits on all aspects of dreaming. There are special programs with CE credits for psychotherapists and professionals, as well as many sessions of interest to the general public. Hear and meet dozens of world-famous authors, researchers, and experts on dreams. Choose the 5 day full conference or weekend mini-conference option. For information and registration, visit ASDREAMS.ORG or call toll free: 1 (866) DREAM12 (866-373-2612).

Books, movies, research

Studio 360 Dreams Program

Airing today (2/26/05) - if you can catch it - and they may rebroadcast this Studio 360 radio program later- this show should interest many of you:

You can also hear Marina Marinovitch talking about her Dream Bed - now in the DreamingNow exhibition at the Rose Museum at Brandeis outside Boston through April:

(She has also apparently built an entire Dream House in Japan.)

And if you miss the show, you will enjoy the webpages. And if you live near Boston, perhaps you can take in the exhibition and let the rest of us know how you liked it.

Enjoy yourselves!



If you miss the radio broadcast, I just noticed that you can listen to the show online - and that they also have a slide show.

Update translation Marquis d’Hervey de Saint-Denys

Those interested in lucid dreaming will be pleased to know that one of the classic books has been translated by Carolus M. den Blanken, and the translation is now available at the website.

Try the following in case the above no longer works:


Research on Children and Psi Dreams

I am a professional writer collecting stories about paranormal experiences involving parents and children (either young or grown) that affected parenting and family relationships. Such stories could include:

If you or someone you know has had this sort of experience and want to share it with others, please let me know either through this group or at Please be sure to include (a) how this experience changed you and/or other family members and (b) contact information for a follow-up interview if necessary. These stories will be considered for use in a book, TV talk show, documentary, radio program, Web site, and/or syndicated column without any compensation (unless otherwise agreed).

To read an article that I wrote for Electric Dreams about children appearing to their parents-to-be in dreams, go to . However, please note that the e-mail address listed for me at the end of that article is no longer valid.

Feel free to pass this message along to other groups that are sensitive to paranormal experiences. Thank you!

Theresa Danna