Global Dreaming News

May 2005

If you have news you'd like to share, simply email Harry Bosma at his special address. News for non-English areas is welcome. This is the Global Dreaming News, and I'm also editor with the multi-lingual Dreamers United web log.

- Dream blogs
- IASD Online Auction

Physical world:
- Visionquest with Sonia Emilia
- IASD conference schedule

Books, movies, research:
- Dream Doctor radio show

Recurring events:
- Ritual DaFuMu for Peace


Dream blogs

You may have heard of web logs, or blogs for short. Blogs are those frequently updated websites that put most of the information on the main entrance page. Here are a few popular dream blogs used for dreamsharing:

- Abatons:
- Community of Dreams:
- Dream Tribe:

IASD Online Auction

Each month new, fabulous items are up for bid online on the Auction Board on the IASD web site. To look at all of the bargains and place your bid on these items, go to or to and follow the links from the home page.

Also – you can do your part in supporting the IASD by donating a book, CD, DVD, a piece of art, some delectable item of your choice! It’s easy to do – just contact Kat Peters-Midland (moderator) at or or go to and follow the directions to submit your donation there!

In the next couple of months, you will find these fabulous items up for bid and so much more!

* Women’s Bodies, Women’s Dreams by Patricia Garfield, PhD.
* The Lucid Dreaming Kit PLUS the bonus Eight Hour CD by Bradley Thompson.
* $800 ($100 per quarter) off of the tuition for The Haden Institute Two-year Dream Leadership Training of any NEW STUDENT.
* The Thirteen Dreams Freud Never Had: The New Science by J. Allan Hobson, MD, signed by the author and dedicated to IASD.
* The Wilderness of Dreams: Exploring the Religious Meanings of Dreams in Modern Western Culture. By Kelly Bulkeley, PhD.

Kat Peters-Midland
Director IASD Online Auction

Physical world

Visionquest with Sonia Emilia

Sonia Emilia organizes a visionquest at June 16th to 24th, in Croatia. The main language will be German, and there's a special price for teenagers and students. More information here:

IASD conference schedule

The program schedule for the IASD conference is available for downloading, and it's looking great!

The International Association for the Study of Dreams invites you to the 22nd Annual Conference June 24-28, 2005 at the beautiful Doubletree Hotel at the Berkeley Marina. The five day conference offers over 100 workshops, seminars and exhibits on all aspects of dreaming. There are special programs with CE credits for psychotherapists and professionals, as well as many sessions of interest to the general public. Hear and meet dozens of world-famous authors, researchers, and experts on dreams. Choose the 5 day full conference or weekend mini-conference option. For information and registration, visit ASDREAMS.ORG or call toll free: 1 (866) DREAM12 (866-373-2612).

Books, movies, research

Dream Doctor radio show

Charles McPhee alias the Dream Doctor answers dream questions every weeknight from 9 pm to 12 Midnight CST. Take a listen, and calls are free.

Recurring events

Ritual DaFuMu for Peace

The World Dreams Peace Bridge, on the 15th of each month, is holding a monthly DaFuMu (a collective dream of good fortune: to support peace.

On the weekend of 15-17th of March, 2003, there was the largest ever world wide outpouring of a desire for peace ( On the 15th of each month we can remind ourselves of the enormous potential within people, and call upon the global energy, so clearly displayed on that weekend.

In joining a DaFuMu each month we will be seeking the mandala of peace within the universal mind: learning what it is to be peaceful at a personal level, how to act in a peaceful manner within the world, and accessing and supporting the general mandala of peace available to all people.

A mandala is an image that holds together opposites. It is the image of our human condition in which dark and light both play together. In dreaming towards, and in creating “our” mandala of peace, we are learning how to move with grace in this world of opposites: how to be at peace and how to act with peace.

As Valley says of the mandala of peace:

A dream hologram interweaving the fabric of time with auspicious action. In rythmn with the creative intelligence. In balance with the pulse of life.

Our aim is to use our DaFuMu to help heal the destructive energies so rampant within the world at the moment (see Harry Bosma’s mandala being created as a process of personal healing from dream images: The construction of a peace mandala may flow from our dreams.

So, please join in on the 15th of each month. Before sleeping set your intention to dream towards the mandala of peace.

If you feel that your dream has touched upon a symbol that can be used within the mandala of peace we are creating, or on a particular relation of peace, please let us know. Just send your comment, picture or dream to To join the World Dreams Peace Bridge discussion group, just send an e-mail to .