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November 2005

If you have news you'd like to share, simply email Harry Bosma at his special address. Apologies if I forgot something this month. Due to computer problems I lost a few days of my email.

- Brilliant Dreams dream pills
- Dream Visions: interpretation services
- Announcing

Physical world:
- Bay area: combined Jungian / body based
- New York City: Montague Ullman
- Berkeley: Tibetan dream yoga by Tenzin Wangyal Rinpoche
- South Carolina: DreamsWork Certification program

Books, movies, research:
- Dream Decoders tv show

Recurring events:
- Ritual DaFuMu for Peace
- Auction at


Brilliant Dreams dream pills

Three thousand years ago, in Homer's epic poem Odyssey, the gods gave Ulysses an herb that restored memory to his crew and made him immune to the forgetfulness poisons of the witch Circe. In 2001, the FDA approved a drug based on that very same herb to treat memory loss and having the remarkable effect of enhancing dream vividness. Now, Brilliant Dreams is pleased to bring you this dream boosting extract as a supplement to enhance your dreams and improve dream recall

What is this profound, FDA approved natural extract? Galanthamine from the spider lily & snowdrop plants. The mythical god that gave Ulysses this herb? Mercury, also known as the Bringer of Dreams. Visit Brilliant Dreams to learn more.

Rick Hargett
President - Brilliant Dreams

Dream Visions: interpretation services is a culmination of many years of studying dreams and their rich benefits in personal and spiritual development. Dreams are loaded with important - sometimes critical - messages that are often misunderstood or simply ignored. I have created as a roadmap to understanding dreams and using them for personal and spiritual development, and life improvement. The site includes dream interpretation resources for improving dream intuition and recall, a dream dictionary, step-by-step interpretation instructions, sample dream interpretations, a dream directory, and a marketplace with helpful dream-related products. I also offer dream interpretation services (starting at $6) using spiritual psychology and intuitive methods.

All the best to you,

Nancy Wagaman, M.A.
Dream Visions
Dream Interpretation Services


Announcing my new website - .

You can learn more about how to cultivate your intuition as well as engage in dreamwork and sign up for my free monthly newsletter. I welcome comments through the website.

Marcia Emery, Ph.D.
Intuition: Counseling, Coaching, Speaking
Author of PowerHunch!, The Intuitive Healer and Intuition Workbook

Physical world:

Bay area: combined Jungian / body based seminars

Rana Halprin is offering new seminars for therapists, interns, students and the general public. Her orientation unites a Jungian orientation with the internationally known body based Halprin Life Art/Method. In an increasingly wounded world, these groups are aimed to embody our own Sacred Ground & the language of body Wisdom, Dreams, and Creativity. A focus is to restore vitality, and free our self expression.

Art works as a spontaneous yearning for restoration and belonging. It bonds us as a universal dialog: it is nature's way of healing depression, anxiety, and trauma.

Thursdays beginning October 6 7-9pm
San Francisco Studio (401 Alabama st between 17th & Mariposa)
$35 per class, CEU's available for interns

New York City: Montague Ullman

Dreaming as a Natural Healing System

Montague Ullman, M.D., is one of the best-known names in the field of dreamwork. For three decades, Dr. Ullman has devoted himself to extending dreamwork beyond the consulting room, out into the community, where ordinary people can help each other understand their dreams.

Thursday, November 10, 2005
6:30 refreshments, 7 p.m. program
The Community Church (downstairs meeting room)
40 East 35th Street (between Madison and Park avenues), Manhattan
$25 suggested admission, pre-registration encouraged
phone (212) 741-2207

Co-sponsored by:
Friends of the Institute for Noetic Sciences (
The International Association for the Study of Dreams (

More information at

South Carolina: DreamsWork Certification program

Institute for Dream Studies - A dynamic DreamsWork Certification program led by Justina Lasley, M.A. based in Charleston SC with at-distance learning. Classes begin in January 2006. Deadline for registration is November 14th. Visit for information.

Berkeley: Tibetan dream yoga by Tenzin Wangyal Rinpoche

Tenzin Wangyal Rinpoche will be teaching on Tibetan dream yoga in Berkeley, December 2, 3, and 4, 2005.

From the brochure: "quintessential aspects of dream yoga, a simplified form of practice, and the relationship of dream yoga to death. Rinpoche will give instructions on how to prepare for sleep, how to enter and connect to the dream world, how to cultivate lucid dreaming, and how to utilize the lucid state for one's personal and spiritual transformation in the dream itself."

The cost is $160. ($20 if attending Friday evening only). For further information, or 510 849-2373

I have attended his workshops before and they are quite interesting.

Judy Tart

Books, movies, research

Dream Decoders tv show

The show we have all been dreaming about - DREAM DECODERS - will air at 8pm on the Discovery Health Network on November 1, 8 and 15 . In this enlightening three-part series, three of the world's top dream analysts who are our "Dream Decoders" - Dr. Marcia Emery, Dr. Alan Siegel and Dr. Veronica Tonay - help participants and viewers understand the messages of their dreams to foster greater emotional and psychological health. DREAM DECODERS promises to be one of the most controversial, entertaining, and enlightening hours of television that our waking minds could experience.leaving us with something stimulating to think, and dream about. If you have questions or comments about the show, please email Discovery Health Channel's viewer relations department at .

Marcia Emery, Ph.D.
Intuition: Counseling, Coaching, Speaking
Author of PowerHunch!, The Intuitive Healer and Intuition Workbook

Recurring events

Ritual DaFuMu for Peace

The World Dreams Peace Bridge, on the 15th of each month, is holding a monthly DaFuMu (a collective dream of good fortune: to support peace.

In joining a DaFuMu each month we will be seeking the mandala of peace within the universal mind: learning what it is to be peaceful at a personal level, how to act in a peaceful manner within the world, and accessing and supporting the general mandala of peace available to all people. So, please join in on the 15th of each month. Before sleeping set your intention to dream towards the mandala of peace.

If you feel that your dream has touched upon a symbol that can be used within the mandala of peace we are creating, or on a particular relation of peace, please let us know. Just send your comment, picture or dream to To join the World Dreams Peace Bridge discussion group, just send an e-mail to .

Auction at

The IASD online auction has its own website -! Every month it has new items to bid on, and opportunities to donate your books, services etc to support the IASD!

If you have any questions or would like to donate an item to the auction, you may contact Kat Peters-Midland at .